Discover the ultimate guide to achieving a remarkable transformation with these 30 life-changing glow up tips for boys. Want to know how to glow up boys and exude undeniable confidence?
Look no further. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your style, upgrade your grooming routine, or improve your overall well-being, this comprehensive collection of tips will help you achieve your goals. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-improvement and unlock your true potential. Ready to have a glow up like never before? Let’s dive in and learn how to get a glow-up in just a week!

1. Put Bag Balm on Your Face


To achieve a radiant glow, try using Bag Balm, an old-school skin moisturizer. Simply apply a small amount and gently massage it onto your face. Bag Balm gives your skin a shiny, luminous look. You might mistake it for oiliness, but trust me, it looks amazing!

2. Try a White Linen Button Down


Trade in your boring graphic tees for a trendy white linen button-down shirt. This style is all the rage right now, particularly during the summer season. It offers a casual, flowy, and comfortable vibe that pairs well with linen pants or baggy jeans. Brands like Kufandi, H&M, and Forever 21 offer great options.

3. Wax Your Unibrow

Instead of tweezing, opt for waxing to tackle those fine, unnoticed baby hairs in your unibrow. Waxing ensures a clean and precise result, leaving no room for chance. Say goodbye to unwanted hair, glow up boys, and embrace a more polished look.

4. Invest in a Long Coat

A classic black long coat is a versatile fashion investment. It can instantly elevate any outfit, whether it’s a button-down shirt, a t-shirt, or even athleisure wear. Brands like H&M offer a wide selection of long coats that exude style and sophistication.

5. De-bulk the Sides of Your Hair

"Glow up tip: De-bulking the side of your hair for a fresh look.

To create the illusion of a slimmer face and enhance your glow up tips for boys, try debulking the sides of your hair. Simply apply your preferred hair product and smooth your hair back and down behind your ears. This technique provides a more defined and slimming effect on your facial features.

6. Vaseline Before Cologne Trick

For a longer-lasting fragrance, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the areas where you usually apply your cologne. The Vaseline traps the scent, ensuring it lingers throughout the day. Give it a try and enjoy the lasting aroma.

7. Improve Your Neck and Submental Triangle

Glow up tip: Enhance your neck posture with mewing for a more defined look.

Achieve a better-looking neck and submental triangle by practicing mewing. Mewing involves placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth, especially near the back and throat area. This simple technique instantly enhances your side profile.

8. Do 100 Push-Ups Every Day

If you’re new to the gym or looking to build a solid physique and wondering how to have a glow up, start with a hundred push-ups daily. This exercise is a great foundation and helps balance out your upper body with well-developed pectoral muscles. It ensures a harmonious physique, complementing any other fitness goals you may have.

9. Apply Daily Moisturizer with Sunblock

Protecting your skin from sun damage is crucial, especially when focusing on how to glow up in a week. Opt for a daily moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15. Brands like St. Ives, La Roche, and Skin Intervention offer excellent options to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.


10. Add a Touch of Jewelry

Accessories can elevate your style and add flair to your overall look. Experiment with rings, bracelets, and necklaces to make a statement. These small details, along with these glow up tips for boys, can make a big difference in showcasing your personal style and sophistication.

11. Achieve Instant Hair Volume


If you desire voluminous hair, try applying a volume powder. Simply sprinkle the powder onto your hair and gently massage it in. This powder binds to your hair follicles, creating texture and boosting volume. Experiment with different hairstyles to find your perfect look.

12. Sculpt a Stronger Jawline


Chewing gum can actually help you achieve a more defined jawline. Opt for jawline chewing gum like Brett’s Jawline Chewing Gum, which is designed to stimulate the growth of the masseter muscle, resulting in a wider and stronger jawline. Give it a try and witness the transformative effects.

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13. Exfoliate Your Lips

To achieve a glow up for boys and maintain soft, healthy lips, include lip exfoliation in your skincare routine. Use a specialized exfoliating pad to gently remove dead skin cells, revealing fresh, supple lips. Consider incorporating this step into your shower or nighttime routine for the best results.

14. Curl Eyelashes

Curling your eyelashes is a timeless beauty hack that can instantly make your eyes appear longer and more captivating. Embrace an eyelash curler to achieve that coveted fluttery look. It’s a simple step that can make a world of difference in your overall appearance.

15. Rapid Brow Eyebrow Serum

Thick, well-defined eyebrows can beautifully frame your face. Rapid Brow Eyebrow Serum, enriched with peptides and proteins, can stimulate eyebrow growth for a noticeable glow up for boys. While results may take up to 60 days, many users have reported positive outcomes. If you’re seeking fuller brows, this serum is worth considering.

16. Embrace the Baggy Pants and Bulky Shoes Trend


The combination of baggy pants and bulky shoes is a fashion trend that is currently in vogue. Pair your baggy jeans or cargo pants with chunky footwear for a stylish and effortlessly cool look. Don’t worry if you don’t have bulky shoes; baggy pants also go well with classic Converse sneakers.

17. Correct Your Posture with the String Theory

Improve your posture by visualizing a string attached to the back of your skull and connected to your tailbone. Imagine someone gently pulling the string, aligning your spine, and giving you a straight, confident posture. Give the string theory technique a try and witness the transformation in your carriage.

18. Harness the Power of Beets

Did you know that consuming half a can of sliced beets every day can have a positive impact on your appearance? Beets contain Arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide, which acts as a vasodilator, expanding your veins. This can create a more vascular and defined look, especially during workouts.

19. Achieve Beachy Hair Texture with Sea Salt Spray


If you crave that effortless, beachy hair texture, consider using sea salt spray. This product gives your hair a tousled, textured appearance, reminiscent of a day spent by the ocean. Forte’s sea salt spray is a popular choice that can help you achieve that desirable beach-inspired look.

20. Whitening Strips for White Teeth

To start your glow up skin journey, consider using whitening strips for a brighter smile. A popular brand like Crest Whitening Strips can be found at Target and most department stores. Apply the strips daily for two weeks, leaving them on for 30 minutes at a time. Remember to take a break for a few months afterward to avoid any potential damage to your teeth and gums.

21. Collagen Supplement for Hair Skin Nails

Collagen is a vital component that holds your hair, skin, and nails together, contributing to a glow up tips for boys. To ensure you have an adequate supply, consider consuming a collagen supplement. Simply add it to your morning coffee or smoothie. One recommended brand for this purpose is Vital Proteins, available online.


22. Drink a Gallon of water daily

Drinking a gallon of water each day is an OG tip for a reason. Not only does water offer numerous health benefits, but it also helps flush out excess fluids, giving you a cleaner, less bloated appearance. Keep a large water jug handy and make it a daily habit to stay hydrated.

23. Enhance Hair Growth with Biotin

Biotin, a B vitamin, can aid in promoting hair growth, offering valuable glow up tips for boys. Long ago, farmers discovered that including biotin in their horses’ mineral blocks resulted in accelerated hair and hoof growth. Humans can benefit from this too! Take a daily biotin supplement to encourage healthy hair growth.

24. Light grey Sweatpants if you have skinny Leg


If you’re concerned about skinny legs, especially when you’re working out and focusing on your upper body, try wearing light gray sweatpants. These baggy pants can create a visual balance and prevent an awkward look. Look for affordable options like Gildan or consider Nike for higher-end alternatives.

25. Eat Carrot 🥕

Carrots not only offer great health benefits but also contain carotene, which can give your skin a subtle, natural tan. Enjoying a carrot every day can contribute to a healthy glow and leave your skin looking vibrant. It’s a win-win situation for both your health and appearance.

26. Improve Posture with Chin Tucks

Achieving proper posture is essential for a confident and poised appearance. Perform 20 chin tucks each day to help correct your head position and straighten your back. Stand with your shoulders and the back of your head against a wall, then raise the back of your head as high as possible, creating a few double chins. This exercise can lead to a more upright posture.

27. Opt for the Common Sense Diet

Trying to maintain a lean physique while enjoying eating out? Give the Common Sense Diet a shot. It’s a simple approach where you choose the healthiest options on the menu when dining out. We’ve compiled a screenshot of some of the healthiest choices at popular fast-food restaurants to help you make informed decisions.

28. Point Right Foot, Follow with Left

Walking with elegance is all about the right foot placement. When making a turn, lead with your inside foot. For example, if you’re turning right, point your right toe in that direction first, followed by your left foot. This technique ensures a smooth and confident stride, preventing any awkwardness.

29. Use a Tongue Scraper

After brushing your teeth, grab a tongue scraper and gently scrape away the buildup on your tongue. By removing these bacteria and odor-causing particles, you won’t give them a chance to thrive. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference.

30. Embrace the Hollow Cheek Look

Get a Better Jawline with These Proven Ways

To achieve a defined, hollow cheek face and incorporate effective glow up tips for boys, try this trick. Suck in your cheek just a little bit, then lightly bite down. This technique, often used by models on runways and photoshoots, creates a more prominent cheekbone appearance..

In conclusion, achieving a glow up is possible with a few simple tips. By focusing on self-care, such as adopting a consistent skincare routine and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a balanced diet, you can enhance your natural beauty and radiate confidence. Remember to embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your individuality throughout the process. With these glow up tips for boys, you can embark on a transformative journey toward a more vibrant and confident version of yourself.


Q: What are some essential glow-up tips for men?

A: Our blog post covers a wide range of glow-up tips for men, including skincare routines, fashion advice, grooming tips, and lifestyle changes. These tips are designed to help men enhance their physical appearance, boost their confidence, and achieve a positive transformation.

Q: How can I glow up as a guy?

A: To glow up as a man or guy, it’s important to focus on self-improvement in various areas of your life. Our blog post provides tips on skincare, fashion choices, grooming habits, fitness routines, and more. By implementing these tips and making positive changes, you can achieve a glow up that reflects both inner and outer confidence.

Q: Can I achieve a glow up in a week?

A: While a complete glow up usually takes time and consistent effort, there are certain things you can do to make noticeable improvements in a week. Our blog post includes tips on skincare, fitness, grooming, and style that can help you achieve a mini glow up in a shorter timeframe. Remember that true transformations require ongoing commitment and patience.

Q: Are there specific glow-up tips for students looking for an aesthetic transformation?

A: Absolutely! Our blog post includes aesthetic glow up tips for students who are looking to improve their overall appearance and style. These tips take into consideration student life, budget constraints, and practicality, while still helping students achieve a stylish and confident glow-up.

Q: Can you provide tips on how to maintain a glow up in the long term?

A: Maintaining a glow up requires consistency and ongoing self-care. Our blog post includes tips on developing healthy habits, creating a sustainable skincare routine, making mindful fashion choices, and embracing a positive mindset. By incorporating these tips into your daily life, you can maintain your glow up and continue to radiate confidence.

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