How To Find The Right Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape?

Everyone’s face shape is different and some hairstyles only look good in specific face shapes I’m gonna tell you how you can choose the right Hairstyle according to face shape.

Once you know and understand your face shape you’ll be able to use that to your advantage. The right sunglasses for your face are gonna look a lot better on you! But also your hairstyle, your beard- all these things should compliment your face shape.

How To Find The Right Hairstyle according to face shape

Find Your Face Shape

First, you need to know what face shape you have. There are six shapes.

  • oval
  • round
  • rectangle
  • square
  • triangle
  • diamond

Oval Face Shape Hairstyle

oval face hairstyles for men 2022

An oval face occurs when the length of your face is greater than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is larger or wider than your jawline. Your jaw is more rounded rather than a sharp angle. Basically, an oval shape an egg shape no offense.

The best part about the oval face shape is that it is usually symmetrical. It’s a good shape to have which means you have a lot of options for your hairstyles according to your face shape.

You should go for something shorter on the sides and shorter on the back and then a little longer on the top. You should avoid having a fringe or any hair falling down your forehead because that makes you look less clean masculine and more feminine. After all, your face is going to look more rounded.

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle

rectangular faces hairstyle male

A rectangular face shape is when the length of your face is the largest measurement of everything from your forehead to your jawline. So your forehead your cheekbones your jawline, they’re going to be the same size, but from the top to the bottom, you’re going to have a longer measurement than most other face shapes.

It’s actually very easy to style because your goal is simple. You don’t want to make your face look longer than it already is. So basically you don’t want to have a short sign in a long top because that’s gonna eat elongate your face. It’s gonna make you look even longer.

You want to fuller sides. You want to fuller back, if you have a rectangular face Shape you are in luck because long sides are in trend right now, you know they are back.

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Square Face Shape Hairstyle

square face shape hairstyles male

This is when the angle of the jaw is sharp instead of rounded and the proportions are actually pretty even from side to side, so your forehead your cheekbones, and your jaw that’s creating the square.

A lot of guys actually want this square shape because it’s strong it’s masculine it has cool angles and it usually means that you have a chiseled jawline. A lot of guys once the thing about this face shape is that you shouldn’t really have longer sides because it makes your head look even bigger.

It makes your look enormous it makes your side look too bulky. It’s a good face shape to have though because you can get pretty much any other hairstyle and any fades any tapers, French crops. It all works really well for this. Regardless of the hairstyle, you’re trying to achieve though.

Round Face Shape Hairstyle

 What hairstyle suits round chubby face?

This is when the cheekbones and the face length have a similar measurement and the jaw is a little bit less defined creating a round shape on this one there are two types of roundness.

  1. If you are a little bit overweight, your cheeks are going to be a little bit longer.
  2. If your actual face shape is round, you will get the same result no matter how lean.

For this face shape, you’re basically going to try to add as many angles as many lines as you can to remove all of that roundness. So you should go for shorter sides but not too short and definitely longer up top to elongate get the face and do not get a Buzzcut.

That’s gonna make your head look super. If you can I would suggest growing a beard that’s gonna add more angles to your jawline. It’s gonna make you look way more masculine and strong.

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyle

triangular face shape hairstyles male

The triangular face shape is when your jawline is bigger or longer than your cheekbones and your forehead. They are both gonna be bigger than your forehead making this triangle.

For this one you are gonna want to play with your face shape and hairstyle to even it out even your face out and make it more oval less of a triangle and to do that you need along with your hair up top.

You need loads and loads of volume. Volume is key for a triangular face shape. Even the sides here should be a little bit fuller to even out the shapes and make your face look more symmetrical. What we’re trying to achieve here is always simit.

I would recommend staying away from a full beard because that’s gonna make your jawline look even bigger than the cheekbones in your forehead. So your triangle is gonna be even wider you know it’s gonna throw everything off.

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyle

 hairstyle for diamond face shape male

The diamond face shape is when the cheekbones are gonna be wider than everything else including the forehead and the jawline and the chin is usually pointed but not always.

This is also actually pretty rare but it is very masculine in its strong face shape. A lot of people envy the structure of the cheekbones of the diamond face shape. You’re gonna try to get a hairstyle that elongates the forehead. Ideally, something like a long fringe would be amazing as well as a French crop as well.

Those are gonna hide the narrow forehead that you have. They’re gonna make your cheekbones really really pop. You won’t either be clean-shaven or have stubble it depends on your jawline.

If you want more angles on your jawline then grow up Subway 5 o’clock shadow. Otherwise, if you have a nice jawline already, then go for clean-shaven because that’s going to look incredible.

I hope you guys got to know about your face shape and got to know about your hairstyle according to your face shape.

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