The jawline is one of the most attractive male features. Countless studies have proven that the jawline is a powerful sexual characteristic. One study published by the royal society of London in 2011 showed that a chiseled jawline communicates raw masculinity. It attracts attention from the opposite sex on a biological evolutionary level.

Can I get chiseled jawline

Men with strong sexual characteristics have better genetics. So they attract a greater volume of mates. Other studies explain how a chiseled jawline expresses strength trust and ruggedness.

get a chiseled jawline

With a strong jawline, your face leaves a powerful impression on anyone you meet. People with weak chins and jawlines are viewed as naïve and submissive.

While those with strong features communicate reliability, maturity, and power. Everyone has seen these chiseled jawlines in movies and TV shows. You find these jawlines on battle-hardened warriors, rugged cowboys, and charismatic leaders. Because a chiseled jawline shows strength from the get-go.

How to get chiseled jawline

So how do you improve your jawline in this post? We were going to explain why the shape of your face changes and how you can build your own chiseled jawline.
Most people think the jawline revolves around the mouth and chin but your jaw extends all the way around your face from ear to ear.

So the muscles that define your jawline stem from both the face and the neck. These neck muscles rarely get any attention.

You just think about the last time you went to the gym you worked on your arms and shoulders. You engage with the muscles in your core but how much time did you spend strengthening the front of your neck.

Probably known but these are the muscles that define your jawline. Many men even those who work out regularly have droopy weak jawlines. You may have huge shoulders and biceps but your jawline would still look round and underdeveloped.

Chiseled jawline according to experts

According to some experts, this lack of attention is also a common source of neck pain. The muscles at the front of your neck are also underdeveloped that which may weaken your posture and cause irritating headaches.

But which muscle are we talking about exactly well the specific muscles that define your jawline? start around your collar bones and sternum and they attach all around your jaw bone.

how to get a chiseled jawline

Without them, your head could not move up, down, forward, and back. So what happens when you strengthen these muscles. Well, as you exercise the front of your neck, you may know these a variety of changes.

Proper exercise can reduce any pain in the neck and jaw While mitigating pesky headaches. Now of course it changes the shape of your jawline too. Stronger neck muscles will sharpen the lines of your jaw.

You will get rid of any droopy access fat around your neck sculpting the strong jawline that you have been looking for. What exercises target and train the muscles at the front of your neck.

Our first exercise, as well as another two we’re going to cover can be done almost anywhere.

You don’t need weights or heavy machinery to better define the muscles in your neck. All you need is a free space on the floor and about 10 minutes of your time.

1. Collar bone backup

Collar Bone Backup exercise

Just take a seat on the floor to sit with your back straight and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Now relax your arms on the top of your knees and straighten your neck. Try to imagine a straight line from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head.

This is your starting position, now gently move your head forward and backward so that your head always remains level with the ground.

Pushing forward should extend your chin and flex your neck muscles outward. Pulling back should tuck in your chin and flex the same neck muscles inward. Now alternate between these two positions allowing your neck muscles to briefly relax in between each repetition.

The goal of this exercise is to contract and relax the muscle around your jawline. This workout is not about strength or speed. You need to go slowly be mindful of any kind of pain in your neck or jaw and remember to stop if you’re not is stress or soreness of any kind.

Neck Curl-Up exercise

If everything feels strong and have the then repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 10. Once you feel confident, holding your head in each position try pushing forward or pulling backward for 15 to 20 seconds at a time.

with this exercise, you target those from the neck muscles directly and begin tightening your jawline.

2. The neck curl-up

Instead of sitting, you’re going to start by lying down on the floor. Lay your back flat on the ground and just like before bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle.

How To Get Chiseled Jawline

Now imagine you are about to do a sit-up but instead of engaging your core, you’re flexing the muscles in your neck to do a neck curl upstart by raising your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Then bring your chin to your chest by pulling your chin inward. Keeping your chin tucked in raise your head off the ground.

You don’t have to raise your head very high only a couple of inches. Then slowly bring it back to the floor.

How To Get Chiseled Jawline

The goal of this exercise is not to challenge your back or core. So don’t worry about lifting your solder.

Simply tuck and raise your head using the muscle in your neck and just like last time go slow and be mindful of any soreness or pain. If you feel anything then stop.

The last thing you want to do is to strain your neck. Now if you are neck feels strong, then start with 3 sets of 10 neck curls. You can accumulate those numbers over time but 3 sets of 10 is a good place to start.

3. Chin-up jawline exercise

Most people think of chin up as a kind of pull up but this exercise is something completely different.

Instead of raising your body that chins up revolves entirely around your chin. To start this exercise sit cross-legged on the floor now straighten your back and imagine that straight line from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head.

How To Get Chiseled Jawline

In the past two exercises, you moved your entire head using the muscles in your neck. This time you are going to do something a little different.

Try to keep your head still and move only your jaw and chin. Now extend you are jaw forward and lift your lower lip over your upper lip. Hold this position for 10 seconds then bring your chin backward into a relaxed position.

Now this one may feel strange at first, your lower jaw isn’t used to this kind of movement but that slight discomfort will disappear over time. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 15.

Unlike the previous two which closely targeted the muscle at the front of your neck, this one also increases muscle around the face and chin.

These muscles play an equally important role in the shape of your jawline, by exercising these muscle groups regularly you can improve your jawline in no time.

Tongue plays an important role in face shape

How To Get Chiseled Jawline

But neck exercises are not the only ways to build the chiseled jawline. The tongue also plays a very important role in the shape of your face.

Without realizing it you may have picked up a destructive habit that ruins your jawline. Do you know where your tongue is supposed to rest inside your mouth?

Most of us relax our tongues on the floor of our mouth but this lazy posture actually hurts the shape of our jaw. It increases mouth breathing pushes the jaw backward and shrinks your Airways.

But what happens when you rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Your jaw scoots forward your Airways open up and your breath easier out of your nose.

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