How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

Today I’m about to help you to how to look rich classy, amazing on a budget but without breaking the bank. I know a lot of people will be like – I don’t want to look rich, I don’t want to look like something, I’m not.

I agree with you, trying too hard is always bad when it comes to style. what I mean is I am gonna give you tips to spend as little as possible on clothes

How to look rich without appearing to try hard

Understanding how to look rich isn’t necessarily about being as flashy as possible, and there are different rich ‘looks’ to go for. You might try to look classy and sophisticated, or you might be going for more of a ‘bling’ look. Either way, it’s a combination of picking the right clothes and adjusting your grooming routine. It’s also about learning how to look rich in your demeanor, as that will help you pull off this look.

1. Solid colors

This is what you should do, buy solid colors first. When it comes to basics and essentials t-shirts, jeans, polos, you should get them in solid colors, no designs, no prints, just good old solid.

Think about it, a white T-shirt can cost $10 or it can cost a hundred bucks. You just don’t know because it’s impossible to tell unless people can see a label.

A black polo can be 15 rupees or one hundred and fifty. How do you tell how do you know you? You really can’t do that if it’s just a nice solid black polo and it goes for everything denim, shorts, button-up shirts. Without a specific design, it is difficult to tell the price of an item.

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2. Skip the Logos

Logos are basically price labels. If you have a distinctive logo on your shirt. It tells people exactly how much you spent on that shirt. So why would you want to do this, if you are on a budget it doesn’t make sense.

I love the mystery of the clothing item. I love it when people ask me oh! Farhan where did you get that and then I say unique short top men H&M Zara and they’re like what that looks expensive.

Without a logo, there’s no way to know the price right away so you can get a lot.

3. Wear glasses

Wear glasses, even if you don’t need them. This is one of my favorite things to do. Wearing glasses to elevate an outfit and elevate my look.

If you look high end and instantly gives you a more sophisticated, elegant look. I just love the way glasses make you look like you throw them on and right away you look smarter, you look like you’re on a different level and a different tax bracket.

Glasses will take a simple outfit and complete them. So it’s worth having at least one or two pairs to wear when you want to look smart.

4. Stop buying designer clothes

Stop buying designer clothes and name brands. Save your money and instead look for the right fabric. Something that feels more luxurious.

Like velvet, leather, suede, soft tees, and most importantly comfortable fabrics that will make you feel like you’re wearing a truly luxurious item, regardless of the brand name.

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5. Don’t go for branded items

Some brands have that cool factor you know. But I can guarantee you that a lot of them are just hyped and the quality of the material of a half-cup $300 t-shirt is like a $10 tee found elsewhere.

Buy well-fitting clothes

Clothes that fit you naturally look rich and more expensive, and you can do it within budget. Clothes that fit you well naturally look more expensive. Take your time when our clothes shop to find pieces that fit your body perfectly and suit your shape.

6. Grooming

Make sure your grooming is on point. If you want to look high end then you need to be well-groomed at all times, no excuses. Scruffy beards and crazy hair only work for celebrities and they’re probably going through a breakdown.

Have regular haircuts/shave to keep split ends at bay

Another very important thing that you can do to look rich in the budget is trim your beard or shave at least every few days to keep the hair tight and clean. Get a haircut every few weeks to make sure it doesn’t get wild and style it. Don’t leave your house with the same hairstyle.

Take care of your nails and keep them painted

When you get out of bed monitor even the smallest things and details like your nails – your eyebrows, nose, hair make sure nothing is sticking out there. Of course, your skin is the more important thing of them all.

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7. Keep your sneakers clean

One of the best things to look rich or expensive high-end and without spending a single cent is to clean your dirty sneakers. You know when you first buy a pair of sneakers fresh, super clean and you’re everywhere tippy-toys and you try to keep them clean for as long as possible.

8. Don’t wear dirty sneakers

But then something happens like if someone steps on your sneakers or you step in mud or puddle then it’s over. Suddenly you don’t care that much about those sneakers and you wear them even when they are dirty.

Don’t do this, clean them with an old toothbrush and warm water and restore them. Get them to look brand new again. It’s simply that it doesn’t cost you a cent, and it’s going to make you look like you just bought them.

9. Correct your posture

One thing that you noticed with rich or high-end people is the way they act. Their posture is distinct confidence that you are wearing nice clothes. You can wear nice clothes but if your posture is not good, then you will not look good.

10. Shows confidence

Pull your shoulders back, straighten your chest out, stand up straight which should be your posture wherever you go. It shows confidence that you are in charge and that you are athletic.

If you’re walking around with a hunch like this. It just won’t look good it looks so sloppy. So stop walking like this. Show confidence sticks out your chest and people will see you like a different guy.

So, if you want to know how to look expensive without being rich on a budget, follow these tips and see what a difference it makes!

3 thoughts on “How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

  1. There are people that wear luxury and it looks cheap, and there are people that can put on a 5 dollar shirt and make it look expensive. It’s how you rock it. Your aura and confidence plays a vital role.

  2. Farhan you’r awesome ! I do exactly what you do. I don’t like big logos, my clothes and shoes are both expensive and cheaper but fine quality. As for shoes I use wet wipes for dirt or smudges. I do use a good but cheap hand soap Jergans cherry almond to clean up my shoes or jewelry. Give it a try

    Thanks Brandon

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