4 Ways To Wash Your Face Properly

I know that most guys were never taught how to have a proper skincare routine.
Most of us don’t even know what a skincare routine is or how to wash our face properly step by step and why we need it. So we are discussing in this post how to wash your face properly.

These are the FOUR Skincare Routine

1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day
2. Take Your time and wash your face properly
3. Use Lukewarm water
4. Be Gentle

1. How Many Times Wash Face In a Day

Achieving clear skin fast at home naturally, you want to If you wash your face too often it could create an imbalance in the surface of the skin and make it easier for bacteria to enter your pores. Your skin it’s going to irritate, your skin makes it red and that’s not what we want.

Keep in mind that if you work out and sweat a lot, yes it’s okay to wash it again. Just to sweat that dirt out or if your face gets dirty for some reason, of course, you can and should wash it right then and there but, try to twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. Before you head to bed and don’t even think about using a bar of soap to wash your face. Generic soap is going to dry out your skin.

What we are trying to do here has almost the opposite effect so stay away from it.
Instead, use a proper face wash whether it is in the form of a gel or some kind of pasty substance which is usually fine. This will remove dirt without taking away all the natural oils you really want to keep in there.

Also, use your fingers lightly to massage your face to make sure you have enough product to wash your entire face, and don’t just use the palm of your hands or you can use brushes.

Here I wouldn’t recommend using them every single day. Just use them maybe two to three times a week because they can be harsh sometimes to your sensitive skin and I know that we are guys and sometimes it can be a little bit aggressive.

Especially when it comes to just getting things don’t but let’s say skin is sensitive whether you’re a guy or a girl just take it easy. There is no need to go super hard and be super aggressive on your face.

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2.Take Your Time and Wash Your Face Properly

Just take your time to wash your face. I know sometimes we are early in the morning because we have to go or whatever but when you run you usually rub your face very hard and like that Not that we’re trying to do here once.

Lightly massage your entire face and neck, then it’s time to wash it off to show you’ve got rid of that cleanser, the leftover cleanser equals the remaining dirt and oil and causes pimples And everyone hates pimples.

Because they always come at the wrong time. It’s always on the day when you have a date or you’re going to prom or it’s a job interview or maybe it’s the first day of school It always sucks and when you are washing off all of that cleanser.

3.Use Lukewarm Water which is Good for Your Skin!

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You want to make sure you are using lukewarm water. Well, you don’t want to go too hot because that will dry out your skin and damage your skin and if you go cold it’s not going to open up your pores, it’s going to close them and you’ll be able to clean them.

Lukewarm water is perfect once or twice a week, you should also exfoliate your skin exfoliating products are a little different from a face wash.
You can feel they are a little bit harsher. They have this gritty feel to them almost like sand and it sounds painful but it’s not as long as you are using your fingers and not rubbing too hard it’s fine.

It works well because this will get rid of dead skin cells and reveal brand-new smooth clear skin. What we’re after so after you wash your face is when you exfoliate all right and no more than twice a week and the reason for that is that you don’t want to be ripping off your skin cells. It works well because this will get rid of dead skin cells and reveal brand-new smooth clear skin. Every day of the week that is not good for you that’s a little bit too harsh.

Some dermatologists even say that once a week is a plenty. So what I would suggest is, I know that everyone’s skin is different. So start with once a week exfoliating once a week after you wash your face, and then if everything is going well go for twice a week.
If that’s too much then go back to once and that’s how it causes you just figure out what works best for your body type.

If you have facial hair then I would be recommended to use a beard scrub in that area. You can clean your beard and don’t forget you know there’s the skin under there too. So the beard scrabbles exfoliate the skin underneath as well. So now you are done washing your face and possibly exfoliating as well.

3.Be Gentle and Keep a Small Face Towel

It’s very common for us guys to be like that. All right, my face is clean. I’m the man I’m just gonna grab this towel over and viciously scrub my face with it. That’s not how we code like I said guy’s skin is delicate whether you’re a guy you’re a girl it does not matter it’s all the same.

So don’t be aggressive pat dry. Every girl knows this because they’ve been doing this forever right it and no one told us how to do anything like heavy a separate towel just for your face. Did you know that because I used the same towel for everything up until very recently? I would just rub my whole body and then just rub my face with it. After and now that I am thinking that’s gross.

So what I would recommend is, a small face towel that is yours and only yours. keep it in the bathroom somewhere don’t let anyone else use it, and don’t use it on other parts of your body, Wash the towel every week or so just to make sure that you’re not rubbing dirt into your skin right after you wash your face.

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