Boys, we are out here trying to look older and not younger. we are out here trying to command respect and for women to desire as and you ready know women are looking for older and attractive dudes, not little boys. Here are seven style mistakes that you are doing that are immature.

wearing fake

Wearing fake because grown men can neither afford it nor be comfortable in their own skin to not have to flex something that isn’t them look. Everybody knows that designer it’s a status symbol, so when you are wearing LV and Gucci and you’re buying it fake you’re doing it less so for fashion and more so how to make people think that you got it like that.

Now the problem becomes if you actually end up getting caught because it will be seen as childish. After all, men do have it like that or don’t need to flex like that.

Sagging pants

Sagging pants
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Your pants are sagging, yes look it was cool when you were young and whatnot but as you start growing as you start maturing as you start perceiving or wanting to start looking higher status, anything that associates you with a younger crowd probably is not going to be helping you. This trend is not going to cut it for you is it going to impress 13, 14, and 15 years old girls.

Sure once you start going into the 20s and up like real women you are going to want to bring those pants all the way up and show them the Junk that you are working within the trunk.

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Mismatched clothing

Mismatched clothing

Mismatched clothing I see this all the time even grown men. I want you to just go out, go to the mall, go to wherever there’s a lot of people, and just look at how men dress. Most of them still can’t dress themselves to this day they are completely mismatched.

They look like a walking street light and of course, it’s going to make you look childish. If your mom isn’t helping you, you won’t gonna look good and attractive. This is why boys I preach so much stick to your neutral if your wardrobes are filled with naturals. You could literally work up to your closet completely eyes closed grab two pieces and it’s gonna look good. That’s how versatile I want your closet to be.

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Never changing your haircut

latest hair style boys 2021

If you are still rocking the same bowl cut since High school, no matter how much you level yourself up, no matter how good you start dressing you’re still gonna look like a child.

Because it looks like you’ve never even changed your physique. So what I want you to start doing is, if you have not changed your haircut in years, I want you to go to an experienced barber and start asking him what type of hairstyle you should be doing that suits my face and look attractive.

I want you to change it up, this one tip right here will refreshen your entire look. I promise you, people that you have been seeing for your entire life will be giving you compliments just by how good you look.

Half tucked shirts

how to tuck in shirt perfectly

Real men know how to actually tuck in their shirts. When they tuck in their shirts, most kids it’s all ballooning because it looks like you can tell them they have never done this before.

So when you’re tucking in the shirt I want you to look like you know what you are doing, use a military tuck this is simple. You want to grab the access fabric fold it back and tuck in it this is going to give you that nice “V” Taper every dude wants. It’s going to make you look good and attractive personality.

Showing under-shirt

Undershirt is showing, I see this all the time and this is a rookie mistake. If you need to wear on your shirt because your pits or sweating is uncontrollable, all good, but wearing a modern style undershirt with a deep V-cut. That way you can still expose a little bit of your chest show some of that skin without exposing your undershirt which is a completely Rookie move.

Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong situation

Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong situation

wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong situation. Sneakers for about eighty percent of the occasions in your life but there is twenty percent and that twenty percent whether it’s you’re trying to impress a girl, you are asking for a raise, maybe you are doing a presentation. That twenty percent is when you want to really impress and when that does come. You are gonna want to upgrade to leather.

since you are probably not accustomed to wearing leather shoes. You end up pulling up in sneakers for the 20 percent of situations and instantly people just respect you less you look like a boy. I need you to start wearing attractive classic leather shoes and it better not is ugly. Hybrid sneaker dress shoes that I see dudes wear that have never worn dress shoes.

Topics that we covered in this post

  1. Wearing Fakes
  2. Sagging pants
  3. Mismatched clothing
  4. Never changing your haircut
  5. Half tucked shirts
  6. Showing under-shirt
  7. Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong situation

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