How to achieve the Old Money aesthetic and make it your own.

Old Money Outfits for Men: Dress Like a Gentleman

The old-money outfits for men embrace a fusion of classic American prep and modern silhouettes, prioritizing quality over quantity. Achieve the appearance of an exclusive club regular or a South of France summer vacationer with this timeless look. Explore our breakdown of the old-money aesthetic outfits for men in 2024, emphasizing classic style and sophistication.

Master Old Money-style grooming

Old Money Summer outfits for men: Ideas and Inspiration

Pay attention to the details, such as keeping your nails clean and well-manicured. The Old Money Outfit for men is all about timeless elegance and understated sophistication.

Old Money Hairstyles

Let’s begin with the hair. Aim for a longer hair length, but make sure you get regular trims so that it appears intentionally flowy and not messy. Medium-length hair or a Middle Part Hairstyle is ideal for old money outfits men, offering versatile styling for any occasion. You can also opt for shorter hair, but ensure that it is clean-cut and neat.

Here are some different Hairstyles that complement the old money-style men:

Clothing Tips for Nailing the Old Money Style

Next, we will focus on tops. Dressy-style shirts in a light color palette like white, powder blue, and striped will be your go-to. We recommend a little oversized or slim fit, depending on how formal or casual you want to look. If you’re strolling on the beach or boardwalk, a looser fit is the way to go.

Classic old money aesthetic outfit for men

However, for evening cocktails, opt for a slimmer fit. When the temperature drops, layer up with old money outfits for men, including quarter zips, turtlenecks, and cricket sweaters.

The pants you choose are crucial for nailing the old-money aesthetic Outfit style. Chinos are a must-have. You should own several pairs in neutral colors like grey, khaki, navy, and off-white. This applies to both chino shorts and chino pants.

Footwear Essentials for the Old Money Style

We recommend owning a good pair of shoes to complete the old-money aesthetic style. When it comes to shoes, you don’t want anything too colorful or eye-catching. Instead, opt for something simple and classy.

Complete your refined old money outfits for men with the timeless touch of crisp white sneakers. The perfect choice lies in low-top leather white sneakers, embodying a sense of simplicity and minimalism that seamlessly enhances your classic look.

White Sneakers Shoes for Men on amazon

However, wearing only white sneakers can get a bit repetitive, so it’s good to switch it up with shoes in brown colors. Dress shoes, boat shoes, and other similar styles will look great with this aesthetic Outfit, especially in rich brown colors.

So there you have it, our take on the old-money Outfit and how to complete the look with the right shoes.


Accessories are key for achieving the Old Money outfits men look. Invest in a quality leather briefcase or a classic watch. Choose a simple leather belt and a pair of high-quality leather shoes.

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Old Money Clothing Brands For Men

If you want to achieve this classy look, then you should opt for the old-money clothing brand synonymous with old money style for men. There are some top names in these brands that are especially known for the look of old money style.

Some of such brands are

All these clothing brands offer great quality and amalgamate style and etiquette with the looks of old money. Clothing from these brands lasts a long time and can be a valuable investment in your attire.

Invest in quality pieces, pay attention to the details, and keep them classic and understated. By following these tips, you can achieve the Old Money style for men and make it your own.

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