Reasons for My Beard Growth is Slow | Tips to Grow Beard Fast

Grow beard fast If facial hair continues to decline, this may be because the beard appears to grow more slowly. According to your genetic make-up, your beard hair can grow about half an inch slower. This can be solved with a beard trim at the end or a more groomed look, so it feels like the beard is growing more slowly than average. Medical studies suggest Men from the Mediterranean tend to grow thicker beards faster than those from different ethnicities. Medical studies suggest that Asian men are unable to grow whiskers as quickly as men of other ethnicities. Men […]

10 Best Foods For Hair Growth And Thickness

Most men lose their hair early and rapidly due to poor nutrition. So read the entire post to know the best foods to prevent hair fall. It won’t stop hair loss completely, but eating the right foods will certainly make a big difference. If you’ve ever wondered which foods promote hair growth, or if you want some great men’s hair growth tips, this is a must-have post. You should know that there are four big things that determine your hair growth. What is this? It’s your age, your health, your genetics, and finally your diet. You already know that you […]

How to Get A Chiseled Jawline for Male

The jawline is one of the most attractive male features. Countless studies have proven that the jawline is a powerful sexual characteristic. One study published by the royal society of London in 2011 showed that a chiseled jawline communicates raw masculinity. It attracts attention from the opposite sex on a biological evolutionary level. Can I get chiseled jawline Men with strong sexual characteristics have better genetics. So they attract a greater volume of mates. Other studies explain how a chiseled jawline expresses strength trust and ruggedness. With a strong jawline, your face leaves a powerful impression on anyone you meet. […]