3000+ Calorie Weight Gain Diet

By Farhan Ali

July 3, 2022

Your body absorbs almost everything you eat in the morning. So, it should be heavy. 4 Whole Eggs boiled + weight gain shake. 

Breakfast (8-10 AM) 

1000 cal

Whatever you eat in lunch, just remember to consume 300-400 cal at least. Potato or Lentils + 2-3 chappati + 100 gm curd + salad

Lunch (Around 1 PM) 

350 cal

You can have fruits you love the most, just add some honey or peanut butter to add calories. Apple slices with peanut butter.

Snacks (Around 4 PM)

200 cal

Meal having all nutrients: carbs, protein, and fat having 700 cal. 300gm Rice + 40gm Soya chunks + 50gm Paneer Or Chicken with rice.

Evening Meal (Around 6 PM) 

700 cal

Have your normal dinner just count, Is it having 400 calories? Vegetables or Beans with 2-3 chappati and a cup of salad.

Dinner (Around 8-9 PM)

400 cal

300ml Milk + 1 scoop of protein A handful of mixed nuts and/or seeds In this diet, a morning workout is preferred and timed 6-8 AM

Last Meal (Around 10:30 PM)

450 cal

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