5 Habits That Turn Boys Into Men 

By Farhan Ali

1) Always be Honest

When you lie to someone it is always because of fear.

Fear of Being: Canceled, Punished, Guilty Don't be ashamed of your: Thoughts, Emotions, Knowledge Be Unapologetic and Honest always.

2) Instant Gratification

Stop being in a relationship with your screens. P*rn, video games, social media, and all other forms of instant gratification should be avoided by you.

3) Think Beyond Yourself 

Don't make others feel inferior. You break the code of brotherhood when you see someone as inferior and put them down. Brotherhood means respecting each one of your clans.

4) Maintain Your Hygiene 

care and love yourself. Hygiene is the simplest and most practical way to level up yourself. not just makes you disciplined but also helps you boost your self-confidence.

5) Take Responsibility 

Take responsibility for your life. set your standards high in your life and stop blaming the world, school, and parents for problems you face in your life.


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