5 Polo Colors You Should Try 

The red color looks attractive. It can be easily paired with neutral colors like white, grey, navy blue, black, etc. Do you like red? Let us know in the comment section.


Fan of dark colors? This one is for you. Navy blue always looks good and very easy to pair. Pair with light blue, black, white, grey, tan, beige, olive green, etc.


White color is best for summer. It absorb less heat than other colors. It keeps your body cool by reflecting most of the heat. Pair with almost any color you like. 


List is incomplete without black. The black color is favorite of most of us. But it's not the best choice for hot days. Try to wear it only when the weather is favorable. 


Grey color is another good choice. It is easy to pair with other colors like black, white, dark grey, navy blue, blue, green, olive green, beige, etc. Make sure to try it at least once. 


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