5 things Never let a Women Do 

You shouldn't let someone invade your personal space. Checking through your phone, Social media, and all. You need your space. 

Invading your personal space 

Make you feel insecure about yourself (Ever) about anything. Don't let her disrespect you in any way and never let you do things your way. 

Make you Feel  Insecure 

Don't let someone Rob you of your hopes, dreams. Talk you into self-destructive things when you don't want too (drugs, partying). 

Don't let your dream Et grow

We all share Gifts and that's okay but if someone is asking you to buy things you can't afford, just don't force yourself. Don't let her use you for money.

Unaffordable Gifts 

Alienate or take you away from your friends and family. You should not corner everybody b'coz you found someone. Remember when she will leave, they will be the only ones to handle you. 

Brainwash you 

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