5 Tips To Look Sexy In Shirt 

By farhan ali

Roll-up sleeves

Untidy sleeves rolls don't look any good. Make sure your sleeves are rolled up properly. Roll-up sleeves if your shirt is a little loose or you are skinny. 

Standing collar

The standing collar looks great. You can buy shirts with button-down collars or stiff collar shirts. Try to avoid flappy collar shirts. 

Slim Fit 

For a sexy-looking shirt, you need to have a proper fit. It shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Go for slim-fit shirts if you are having a nice or normal type of physique. 

Tuck or not 

A U-shaped bottom shirt can be tucked inside as well as left outside. Flat button shirts are meant to be tucked inside. If the shirt length is long, it's better to tuck it in. 


You can layer your shirt with a tee. Make sure to only go for a white or black color tee. You can leave your shirt and tee booth untucked or you can tuck both of them. 

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