5 Ways To Style A White Shirt with Diff. color

• This one is the most common and popular color combination • White shirt paired with black trousers or Jean • This combination is best for formal outfits

White + black

• White shirt paired with grey trousers or chino or jogger. • A white shirt can be paired with dark grey, medium grey, and light grey as well.

White + grey 

• Have you ever tried this color combination? • White shirt paired with brown trouser • You can also pair with beige color as shown in 1st slide

White + brown 

• This color combination is really famous among youngsters. • White shirt paired with blue denim jean • You can also go for joggers or pants but denim will give you a better look

White + blue 

• White shirt paired with navy blue trousers or jogger • If you're looking for a formal look, trouser is the best option for you • Brown color belt, watch, shoes are preferred

White + N. Blue

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