6 Clothes Women Hate on Men 

Most women hate skin-tight Jean/trouser on men. It's best to go with a slim or regular fit. if you're a big guy, you may want to opt for a straight cut down to the hem. 

Too tight pant 

Are you cold, or are you hot? Socks are meant to be worn to protect your feet and keep them warm along with a pair of shoes. Sandals are designed to keep your feet open and cool around the house.

Flip flop + socks 

Do not over-accessorize. The right number of accessories can do a lot for a man's look. Keep it simple - try to stick with about three accessories. 


Half sleeve steel blue shirt paired with beige color trouser/pant + white sneakers. You can add sunglasses and a casual watch that matches your outfit. 

Baseball cap 

When I say low-slung, I mean jeans that are low to the point your underwear is showing. This is never a good look under any circumstances.


There's a fine line between having a seductive smell and simply stinking up the place. You should apply cologne but nothing is good in excess. 


Large Radish

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