Boost Progress: 6 Habits for Productivity, Health

By Farhan Ali

– Wake up early for a more productive day. – Set a consistent wake-up time and use the extra time for exercise, meditation, or planning.

1. Wake Up Early

– Read daily to improve vocabulary, creativity, and critical thinking. – Set aside time each day to read something that interests you or challenges your perspective.

2. Read Daily

– Eating a balanced diet can boost your energy, mood, and overall health. – Focus on whole foods and limit processed foods, sugar, and alcohol.

3. Eat Well

– Love yourself by accepting your flaws and treating yourself with kindness.

4. Love Yourself

– Judge less by being understanding of others' perspectives and avoiding harsh judgments.

5. Judge Less

– Be authentic by expressing yourself honestly and without fear of judgment. – Identify your values, interests, and talents and incorporate them into your life.

6: Be Yourself


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