6 Most  Common Diet Mistakes

By Farhan Ali

March 15, 2022

Believing fruit gets you fat.. it does not. literally, no one ever got fat from fruits. 

Thinking  fruit gets you fat

It can lead to eating hundreds to thousands of empty calories in an uncontrolled way and throw you off your results.

Having Cheat  Days Over Refeed days

Believing that one food can burn fat, which is very not true though that would be awesome

Believing any one food will burn fat 

It takes time to see results don't expect them the second you eat an apple.

Not being patient

Skimping out on water and veggies is unhealthy but also are two important satiety factors 

Skimping out on  the water

Not measuring properly which can be the difference between 100 kcal of peanut butter and 300 kcal.

Not Measuring  a serving properly

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