6 Obvious Signs Your Crush Likes You!

If you ever catch your crush accidentally liking one of your pictures from 2013, she likes you. There is no way around it.

1. She Stalks You on Social Media

If you ever catch your crush looking at you and then looking away when you make eye contact, she likes you.

2. She Gives You the Shy Look

If you ever notice that you see your crush a lot more than usual, she likes you.

3. You See Her More  Often

If they get dilated and her pupils get really big, she likes you. Your pupils tend to grow when you see something you like.

4. Look At Her Pupils

Go up to her and start a conversation; flirt around with her. If you notice that she is flirting back, she likes you. 

5. Feel Out The Energy

If she has her body open and vulnerable to you, she is facing you, and she is a little shy or nervous. Also, if she is playing with her hair, she likes you! 

6. Observe Her Body Language

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