6 tips for reducing Body Odor 

Written by farhan ali

Jan 27, 2022

Shower at least once daily. Use soap or shower gel and lather up thoroughly, especially in areas prone to B.O. Hygiene: Keep your feet, underarms, and genitals clean. 

01   Shower Daily &  Personal Hygiene

Natural fabrics, like cotton, are better than polyesters, nylon, and rayon at keeping B.O. at bay. Natural fibers breathe, allowing the sweat to evaporate away. Avoid fabrics that trap sweat against the skin.

02   Wear Breathable   Fabrics

Use an anti-bacterial soap or body wash like Dial or a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. These washes can help reduce the number of bacteria on your skin so there is less to turn sweat into stink. 

03   Use Anti-Bacterial   Soap

The hair holds sweat and makes a good environment where bacteria can thrive. Removing hair can go a long way in controlling body odor. Trimming the hair up short can also help reduce B.O. 

04   Shave or Wax 

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You can use store-bought deodorants, more natural ones, or even make your own. Whatever you choose, these products can help manage your sweating and control body odor. 

05   Use antiperspirants or  Deodorants

Reduce spicy or pungent foods, Strong smelling foods like curry, garlic, spicy peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and onions can cause a more pungent sweat. Even alcohol/Smoking can affect the smell of your sweat. 

06   Change your Diet 


Genetics Some people are just more prone to developing body odor than others

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