Essentials Things For A Student BUDGET WARDROBE

2 Solid Tees (Navy, Maroon, or Black)

Basic Tees

Invest in Basic Tees.

2 Plain Shirts  1 Pattern Shirt  1 Flannel Shirt 


Invest in different shirts

1 Blue Jeans  1 Tan Chinos  1 Black Formal Trouser 


Go For 

1 Sneaker  1 Formal Shoe  1 Sandal or Slipper 


Go For 

1 Denim Jacket or Leather Jacket  1 Smart Blazer


Go For 

1 Watch  1 Belt  1 Wallet  1 Hat  1 Sunglasses 


Must have 

Hoodies, Turtleneck, Joggers

Some Extras 

Some alternatives: 


There is a high chance you want to build your wardrobe from scratch on budget by only focusing on essential things. 😃

Large Radish

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