7 Things Stylish Guys Do (and you probably don't)

By Farhan Ali

Stylish guys understand that putting together a great outfit takes time and effort. They practice and experiment to improve their fashion sense.

Dressing Well is a Skill

Stylish guys use fashion influencers, designers, magazines, and other stylish guys as references for their fashion choices.


Stylish guys make sure their clothing fits well, whether that means a more fitted or a more relaxed look.

Fit is Key

Stylish guys are always trying new styles and experimenting to develop their unique fashion sense.

Practice (experiment)

A well-fitted garment can make a big difference in how a person looks and feels. Stylish guys invest in a good tailor to achieve the perfect fit.

Find a Good Tailor

Stylish guys are open to trying new styles, even if they are not traditional.


Stylish guys take care of their clothing, using a steamer or iron to keep their clothes wrinkle-free.



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