7 Clothing Items to Make Your Crush Likes You

By Farhan Ali

June 24, 2022

Fitted sweaters show off your muscles. Now ask yourself, what is one thing women love in a guy? That’s right, muscles. 

1. A Fitted Sweater

A quality white t-shirt does a lot to your body without you even realizing it. 

2. A White Tee Shirt

If you want to get rid of dark eye circles, eye bags, or any other abstraction around the eye, throw on a pair of shades. 

3. Sunglasses

If you want to know of a clothing item that makes you 10x more mysterious and desirable, it’s black jeans. 

4. Black-Fitted Jeans

If you want to look like a real man, throw on a flannel. For some reason, women love flannels.

5. A Flannel

Now that you have your flannel on, throw on a pair of boots to match them.

6. A Pair of Boots

These shirts are the real definition of sexy. Pull-over shirts allow you to unbutton a few buttons where you can show off some chest.

7. Pull Over Shirts

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