•It's a mix of athletic fashion and lounge/leisurewear. •Some examples would be the sneaker trend, joggers, and oversized tees.

01    Athleisure

•This one is a combination of edgy streetwear and high-fashion clothing . •In other words, it's mass-produced clothing that is readily available and highly fashionable.

02    High street 

•Anti-fit is just another word for oversized and relaxed silhouettes. •This trend is derived from the need for comfort in modern fashion. 

03    Anti Fit 

•Androgyny stands for the certain ambiguity that male and female characters share. •Fashion that is not defined by gender roles and restrictions or gender identities is androgynous fashion.

04   Androgynous

•'This includes organic fabrics and environmentally friendly production. 

05  Sustainable Fashion

•just like sustainable fashion comes from a place of eco-friendly production, ethical fashion comes from a place of moral awareness. 

06  Ethical fashion 

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