Fashion Tips For Dark Skin Guys

• You won't believe but a darker skin tone is best. Why? • Because darker skin tone guys can actually wear almost any tone of color • Use pastel and sorbet colors more

Outfit colors

• You should avoid too bright colors like parrot green, bright yellow, etc • Instead go for a lighter tone of the color • Bright colors don't go well with your skin tone

Colors to avoid

• Warm colors with cool colors, earthy tones with white, classic black, and white are great combinations. • Keep exp. with colors to find the combos that suit your skin

Color combos

• The trend of eccentric socks is a hard one to master. But guys with dark skin tones were born to embrace it! • Make sure to try quirky socks with your formal clothing


• Follow fashion models who have the same style and similar skin tone as yours • You can take outfit inspirations and learn about color matching from them


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