How to Approach a Girl 

Learning how to approach a girl can be a nerve-wracking process. However, you can make it easier with these few useful tips!


Timing can be your reason for being ignored. Do approach a girl if she looks relaxed and shows open body language. Don't approach if she is deeply preoccupied. 

GO signals

Approaching from behind or the front can be a problem. Instead, slowly approach from a side angle so they can see you coming and prepare for your presence. 

Approach from the side 

Make eye contact, it shows confidence and creates a sense of closeness. Show her that You are harmless, have open body language, hands in control. Maintain distance, don't sit too close. 

Eye Contact 

You should know how to start a conversation and what you are going to talk about. Can ask them for advice. Prove You're worth talking to and end a convo at a natural moment. 

Enter and Exit Plan 

Making her laugh will help her to feel more relaxed and will encourage her to remember how funny you were when she thinks back on the conversation.

Make A Girl Laugh

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