How To Wear Suits like RDJ

Look great, feel great. Even if you could buy a $1,000 suit, it wouldn't help if you didn't feel comfortable and confident in it. 

Feel great 

Wear it fitted. Baggy or too tight clothes just make it look like a hand-me-down. Visit the tailor to get a made just-for-you look. 

Nail the fit

Channel your inner celeb style. Try out different styles by celebrities and see which one feels right. It's all about trying and experimenting.

Celeb style

For low-maintenance hairstyles, get it cut short and learn how to style it with hair wax. You can also follow @mygroomingguide for amazing hairstyle tutorials. 


If you are an accessories amateur, start out with simple accessories, such as sunglasses, watches, and hats. Make sure not to over-accessorize


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