How to Dress well in Summer?

By Farhan Ali

April 02, 2022


• Choose a light & breathable fabric for summer. • An airy, relaxed fit. • The best recommendations are cotton, linen & synthetic fabric. 

image: GQ


• Summer is all about colors and patterns. • You should go for lighter & brighter outfits as shown in the photo. • Try to avoid dark colors. 


• Cotton and chino shorts are light and breathable. • Your shorts are long? Just give them a couple of folds and it's done. • Choose a relaxed fit in summer.

Roll-up sleeves 

• Is it okay to wear a shirt during summer? Of course yes. • You can also roll up your sleeves to get a better chill look. • You can also go for half sleeves shirt. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic


• Summer is the best season for low-top sneakers, loafers, flip-flops, slip-on, etc. • Do you have a collection of loafers? It's the best time to show it to everyone. 

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