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February 24, 2022

Dress Better in 2022

By Farhan Ali

• There are some colors that suit better with certain skin tones. • Make sure to experiment with different colors.

Find Best color

• Learn to layer your clothes. • Layering can change your overall fashion game. • If you're from a cold region, you must experiment with different outfits to layer.

Learn To Layer 

• You don't have to stick to one hairstyle all the time. • Try different hairstyles according to your face shape.

Diff. Hairstyle

• Accessories can upgrade your simple & plain-looking outfits. • Make sure not to add too many accessories. • Sometimes only one watch or necklace is enough.

Add Accessories

• Get in the best shape of your life. • People feel more confident when they are healthy & in good shape. • Be healthy, eat healthily and you'll glow.

Get in Shape

• Start following fashion accounts ON INSTA, like this one. Some other suggestions are @iammiari @rowanrow  @mr.okn @youssefesawy

Follow Fashion 

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