How To Identify Your Personality Types 

Like A Bad Boy 

Alpha Male 


• Confident • Leader  • Extrovert • Hate to be Alone

Nice Guy Personality 

Beta Male 


• Collaborative • Introvert • Sensitive Guy • Take Criticism Well • Idealistic

Love To Enjoy & Responsible 

Gamm Male 


• Adventurous • Fun-Loving  • Restless  • Sensitive Towards Opposite Sex 

Lazy Type Of Guy 

Omega Male 


Traits: • Lack of Ambition • Immature • Intelligent • Difficult to please

The Lone Wolf 

Sigma Male 


• Keep Things Private • Always Think Out Of Box • Confident • Calm  • Mysterious 


You might have different qualities from different personality types. But to identify your core personality type. Identify your most strong quality, that quality belongs to your core personality type.

Large Radish

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