Look Muscular Tips For Skinny Men

By Farhan Ali

August 3, 2022

To look bigger, the type of material, texture, and thickness are everything. Use fabrics such as Denim, Flannel, Corduroy, and Tweed.

Search For Size Enhancing Fabrics

Sturdy necklines signal strength and power. Since you have a slim neckline, it's better to hide it! Wear garments with a strong and firm collar.

Hide Your Slim Neckline

Wear Horizontal Lines & Avoid Vertical Lines. Wear Light or Pastel colors such as white, cream, beige, etc.

Play With Colors & Patterns

Ensure that you wear proper fit clothes. Try slim or regular fit jeans instead of skinny fit. Add layer to look bulkier.

Clothes Fit

First of all, avoid wearing half sleeves, it will only expose your slim hands. Instead, wear full sleeves and fold it until the wrist!

Fold Sleeves

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