Reasons Why You Don't Have A Girlfriend 

•  You Are Not Making Eye-Contact With Girl • Don't stare away when a girl looks at you. • Instead, make eye contact and smile gently. 


• All Engage, Fogg, etc perfume ads are fake, you actually need to talk with a girl to have a girlfriend.  • Having only boys friends is also a reason! 

You Don't Talk With Girls 

• You will not receive it if you don't ask! If you want to have a relationship, clear things early. • Otherwise, there's a high chance you will end up in FRIENDZONE.

Not Clearing Up Things Early 

This is the biggest issue most youngsters face since they don't have any prior experience with how to deal with girls.

Don't Know How To Deal

• You like a girl but don't know what to talk about. • So it's better to learn some ways to start a conversation.

You Don't Know How To Approach A Girl 

How To ApProach A Girl

• You can't make a girlfriend on Chat, you need to spend time with her. • Use social media to ask her out and then see how things work out! 

Text Is Not The End Game 

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