Simple Tips To Improve Your Looks

Whether you like the beard or clean shave, make sure your facial hair is properly trimmed. Trim it every 7-10 days or visit your barber, to look fresh. 

Maintain Neat Facial Hair 

Instead of trying to copy others' styles, you should start learning about your body shape, face shape, & skin type. And wear clothes, make hairstyle, etc based on those things. 

Accept Yourself 

Grooming is not all about your hair and facial skincare, it also includes armpit, genitals, etc. Create some habits of taking care of the hygiene of your whole body. 

Body Care 

Learn new things, exercise daily, eat healthily, read daily, etc. In short, do things that make you happy, this will enhance your overall personality and makes you grow.

Personal Growth 

Most people avoid feet when it comes to hygiene! Scrubbing your feet, cutting your nails on time & keeping them clean reflects great personal hygiene standards.

Prioritize Foot Care 


Manners maketh a man but small details makes you stand out of the crowd.😎

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