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February 24, 2022

what To Do When A Girl Look At You?? 

(HOW to be friend with a girl)


7 out of 10 guys change sight direction and pretend that they are doing something. You are killing your chances by doing this...

Cast Iron Pan

• When a girl looks at you, acknowledge her gaze for as long as you can. • But, instead of looking for too long... be the one to look away first.

Game Of Eye Contact

• Give her a warm and confident smile while she is looking at you. • This will show your confidence.


Make sure your body language is friendly, turn your body towards her direction, feet, face and all, and then without doing anything else, just get back to what you were doing. That's it

Body Language

• From start to finish, the whole exchange really shouldn't take more than a few minutes. • So, if you feel good about it, then the next step is to Go & Talk with Her! 

Go Talk With Her 

• If you are sitting across the table, then saying a simple "Hi" can get placed in a different category compared to everyone else • If you are away, then wait for 2nd eye contact to say hi

Break Voice Barrier

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