Why Girls Like Bad Boys??? 

(How to become one)

Bad boys don't apologize for saying the truth to others' faces while a good guy apologizes for everything! Be authentic and give your honest opinions. 

01   Be Authentic

If you ask a woman what she wants in her man, it will be confidence. Bad boys can act with confidence even in high-pressure situations. Be confident 

02   Unrealistic Confidence 

Good guys usually try to please their crush even though they are getting uncomfortable while on the other hand bad boys never trade their comfort for a girl.

03   Be Selfish Sometimes

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Bad boys are openly passionate, they express their passion by means of their clothing, tattoos or actions. So don't feel shy, just express things you love by clothing or other means.

04   Express Your Passion

Bad boys don't give an inch even though they are one with disadvantages. They compete with everything they have! 

05   Competitiveness

They have set boundaries for how they should be treated, they never put themselves in compromising situations where they let others disregard them. 

06   Be Entitled

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