Without a doubt, we can say that Instagram is a very good social media platform for fashion inspiration. According to our fashion style on Instagram, we get many posts but many times we keep scrolling for hours without stopping to find fashion posts and profiles. Lucky for you, we’ve done a little trickery and brought you the best male fashion influencers that are available on Instagram and also on YouTube.

Who are the male fashion influencers on Instagram you should be following on social media to get inspired? Today we bring you seven of our favorite male stylist influencers.

7 Men’s Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2024

Alex Costa

alex costa one of the best fashion influencers and youtuber

We start with the best male fashion style influencer on Youtube and Instagram who definitely shouldn’t be missing from this list. Native of Brazil but living in the US Alex Costa. Alex was an employee and worked on his own YouTube channel in the evenings before leaving his job to make videos full-time in 2017.

Her decision didn’t hurt her as her fame has steadily grown since then, with fashion tips, styling hacks, and lifestyle advice on which hair products to use. Alex covers all the other topics on his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Alex regularly puts out super stylish lookbook videos with outfit inspiration for the summer-autumn and winter months.
Lately, he has been posting a lot of short videos with three or more outfits or accessories with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 3 million followers on YouTube.
Alex Costa is one of the most influential male style influencers in the world.

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Daniel Magic Fox

German Daniel Fuchs better known as Daniel ‘Magic’ Fox, is one of the most popular and influential influencers of recent years. Instagram was founded by Daniel as a channel in 2015. Which provides inspiration for fashion lifestyle fitness and travel.

Top male fashion influencers on Instagram in the world to follow now. (2021)

Daniels quickly became one of the most famous male-style influencers on Instagram. Who built a social media empire that inspires his followers all over the world. His popularity made Daniel the brand ambassador of various top brands.

If we take a look at his IG account you will immediately see why this guy is doing well. It is full of the most stylish casual and street-style outfits which always look perfect on them.
Daniel is for sure one of our favorite German fashion influencers.

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Jose Zuniga Influencer & Blogger

Jose Zuniga with his youtube channel Teaching men’s fashion. In this list, Jose Zuniga is the most followed influencer on youtube. Jose has earned more than 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with his amazing work.

Top male fashion influencers on Instagram in the world to follow now. (2021)

Jose also has a massive following on Instagram with more than 1 million followers. Where he shows off his stylish new looks with insight into key collections and styles for men.

“Teaching Men’s Fashion” is a gentleman’s lifestyle brand that reaches out to millions of men through its social media channels. They cover topics that include how to properly pull outfits together and the little tricks that make those outfits really pop man’s grooming gear.

Jose and his brother started the channel in 2012. Juan It all started with a bald Instagram account.
Where he used to post daily tips, there seems to be no end to Jose’s advice as he is constantly coming up with new ways to inspire advice and inspire his followers.

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Rowan Row

Englishman Rowan Row is a vlogger, fitness guru, style model, and lifestyle influencer. His rise in the social media world began a few years ago when Rowan Row decided to start men’s fashion blogging as a way to share fashion and fitness-related content. Rowan Row has always been my best favorite fashion style influencer on Instagram.

Top male fashion influencers on Instagram in the world to follow now. (2021)

Her fame and reach exploded after winning the impressive 2018 awards fashion category in Monaco.
Her YouTube channel mainly consists of videos about fashion, fitness, grooming, and lifestyle. While fans can also get a glimpse of the personal life of the affected person by sharing vlogs of their daily activities on a regular basis.

Rowan calls his own style simple yet important and it is certainly reflected in his Instagram posts. Her outfits are often classy with a casual mix.
If you need style ideas and need to be inspired you can follow them on IG.

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Mariano Di Vaio

The influential Italian model with the biggest reach on this list is an entrepreneurial influencer and actor Mariano Di Vaio. Mariano Di Vaio has over six million followers on Instagram.

Mariano Di Vaio is best male fashion influencers on Instagram

He is the king of male genre fashion influencers on Instagram. Mariano Di Vaio was a model and brand ambassador for many brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and Dolce Gabbana.
Before launching his own labels including a jewelry line a shoe collection and a hair product. Mariano’s apparel style is genuinely different, he combines artery style with informal and really graceful outfits.

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Valentín Benet

Argentine model influencer and entrepreneur Valentin Bennet is also one of our favorites. The Argentinian who lives in chile has a wide reach on Instagram with his manner and fashion style.

street style male fashion influencers on Instagram 2023

On his youtube channel in which he gives unique style tips outfit inspiration and lifestyle tips in Spanish. Valentín Benet started his blogging career in January 2012.
Valentin Binet’s style is street style and casual often combining outfits with accessories such as hats and bags. What we love about this man is his sneaker collection.

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André Hamann

Our last and seventh male fashion influencer on Instagram is Andre Hamann. Before his alleged sentiment with the vocalist Selena Gomez became known, this Berliner had as of now been a catwalk model.

male fashion influencers

He’s a changeable model, with the essentiality of a reprobate and multiple tattoos. At 25, he’s famous as one of the most well-satisfied top models by the”Forbes,” and has been the image of Hugo Boss’Christmas campaign.
He is likewise exceptionally athletic. He is, unquestionably, the lord of the “boho stylish” style.
As one of the most incredible forces to be reckoned with in men’s design on Instagram, he has more than 1.1 million adherents and his style is replicated by youngsters.

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