8 Best Fashion Style Trend for 2021 | Latest Men's Fashion Trends 2021

Best Fashion Style Trend For 2021

2020 has brought us so many new fashion style trends but it’s hard to know which ones are staying for all of 2021 and which ones will be gone soon. But today, we’re doing just that-today we’re going over which fashion trends will be the BEST for 2021. These are the trends that are gonna dominate all year long!

Baggy or Wide Pants

The first fashion style trend that we are going to see everywhere and we are already seeing the fashion trend of baggy or wide pants.
Baggy clothing, in general, is trending already. We are moving away from the skinny jeans you know things that are too tight in general super muscle fit tailored clothing and we’re going towards baggy more flexible clothing.


I will say there are two reasons why that happened so fast in 2021.

  1. People were home, you don’t really want to wear tight clothes at home, you want to be comfortable.
  2. vintages are back which means baggy clothing from the past from the 19s is coming back and people started wearing those types of clothing.

smart casual wear for men

Wide pants definitely have that retro vibe and they’re everywhere, wide pants are everywhere. I mean you can look at fashion shows the virtual ones that all these brands you know have been posting Gucci, Louis Vuitton literally all of the brands and they have wide pants for most of their models.

You can go with tik-tok and you’re going to see it all over you can go in your favorite fashion influencer pages now on Instagram and a lot of them are moving towards a baggy type of clothes. So yes it is going to be a huge huge trend in 2021.
I am so used to skinny jeans now that I am gonna have a hard time adapting but we”ll manage we”ll figure it out.

Utility Wear


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This is a trend that I had been seeing everywhere already and I think it’s a super-super dop. It is utility wear like functional clothing. what that means is just clothing with a lot of pockets you know kind of likes something like this.

High function almost looks semi-military you know it’s really cool. I have seen a lot of Safari jackets, that look awesome and you are seeing that pretty much everywhere. You know Cargo pants are coming back. Pockets in everything so that’s definitely gonna be a huge fashion style trend this year.

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High-Quality Sweatpants

sweatpants for men

This is a trend that obviously was huge in 2020. Sweatpants Everyone’s wearing sweatpants. My sweatpants collection I mean I have more sweatpants than I have ever had in my life.

In 2021 I don’t think it’s going to be as big of a fashion trend as it was in 2020 or I hope not just because I am being kind of optimistic. Here I am hoping that we will be able to go out again very soon maybe in the summertime I hope but that does not me that people will stop wearing them. So many people purchased a lot of sweatpants in 2020 me included and I want to continue to wear them just not as often.

Longer Hairstyle

long hair style for men 2021

Longer hair obviously a huge Trend in 2021. Mostly because we could not really get a haircut in 2020. So a lot of guys let their hair grow and this is the result you know this is Alex costa stopped cutting her hair in March so this has been almost a year now.

So you don’t cut it for a while when you have a man bun that’s going to be a huge trend in 2021 and I think guys are just kind of fed up of having short hair, fed up of having a fade or an undercut and now they are experimenting kind of like. I am so because you will see a lot of men with long hair in 2021. Men grew it for like 8th months and now they are going to cut it. I am pretty sure a lot of guys are just going to go all the way.

what's the most popular hairstyle for 2021

You are gonna see a lot of curtains like the middle parts you’re gonna see a lot of man buns and then at some point in 2021 I think what will happen is buzz cuts. Buzz cuts all the way just because people will get most men will get tired of having that long hair and because so many men are growing out their hair.

Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men in 2021



A huge fashion trend in 2021 will be beanies. I’ve seen a lot of beanies on social media. We don’t really have a winter here, but guys are wearing beanies because they are growing out their hair. It’s an easy way to just get out of the house and go run errands instead of having to do your hair.

You just throw a beanie on your kind of get the cool, like curls coming out of the beanie on the side in the back. I really enjoy that look I think it’s going to be a huge brand in 2021.

Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket men

One of my favorite items lists the bomber jacket. but I don’t think necessarily this type of bomber jacket is going to trend as much in 2021.
I think it’s more the classic Aviator jackets like this one those look awesome they are a little bit more dressy. A little bit more dressed up than something like this which is more of a street style Vibe.

Those are going to be trending in 2021 for sure. Look at all of these new ones that are coming out, I think in the springtime or so you are going to see a lot of these.

Denim On Denim

denim style for men

I am not sure how I feel about it I see it everywhere now like on all magazines and fashion shows, but I don’t necessarily agree with that I don’t think it looks good Denim on Denim.

It’s just something that I can’t really wear it does not look good on the Canadian tuxedo, guys why are you wearing this. well If you are gonna I mean I get it the 19s are back, people are experimenting but it’s just not for me.

Earth Tones

Another hot trend will be Earth tones. Earth tones it’s one of my favorite types of colors to wear. I have been seeing so much of it lately and I absolutely love it I think it just looks so cool So natural.

It’s very minimal it’s not very colorful and I absolutely love that. Earthy tones kind of look like this you know you have the tans you have the sand you have the brown like it just looks really really good and the cool thing about earth tones is that you can kind of just put them all together to create a nice earthy look. So if you like that vibe you are definitely in luck because it will be trending in 2021.

Topics that we covered in this post

  1. Baggy Pants
  2. Utility Wear/ Functional clothing
  3. Sweatpant
  4. Longer Hairstyle
  5. Beanies
  6. Bomber jacket ( Classic Aviator)
  7. Denim-on-Denim
  8. Earth tone clothes ( Tan, Sand, and brown colors)

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